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peace pipe

Peace Pipe

Kona Pipes - Hawaii

Coconut Bamboo Pipes from Hawaii.
Just the right size for a Hobbit. Each pipe is hand made with love from a real Coco Nut. It's name is "Attalea Cohune" (Corozo). The Mayans used the same coco nut as a candle they found the bowl would not burn.
Middle Earth has been using the same coconut and bamboo for... We don't know how long?

Coco nut Bamboo - Pipe Maintenance

The natural bamboo stem has been cured and will to get harder as time goes on. The coco nut bowl will not burn or sour. You can scrape it clean. Put olive oil on a rag and run the stainless steel rod through the rag to keep the cleaning rod free of oil build up. This will keep your pipe clean. The rod will push into the bowl as wel..

volcano classic vaporizer

Volcano Vaporizers

Why Vaporize?

Vaporizer gently heats and never burns, so you get only the pure flavour and aroma. Vaporization is far different from burning because only a fine mist is created, similar to steam. The result is better flavour, increased purity, and greater effect.

Why Volcano?

The Volcano Vaporizer is the best vaporizer because of its superior quality and performance. The Volcano Vaporizer is backed by a full 3 year warranty against defect.

davinci vaporizer

Davinci Vaporizers

The DaVinci Vaporizer combines a feature rich platform with rugged portability. Davinci vaporizer offers a cool black matte finish, that will make you feel super stealthy. Like a Ninja!

Included with each DaVinci Vaporizer:

  • 1 Vaporizer
  • 1 Cleaning Brush
  • 1 110v-240v Wall Charger
  • 1 Flexi Straw
  • Pack of 3 Large Replacement Screens and 6 small replacement screens
  • 2 Oil Cans
  • Instructional Manual, Quickstart Guide and Vaporizer Temperature Guide
  • 2 Year Manufacturer Warranty

fxu advanced herbal vaporizer

FXU Advanced Herbal Vaporizers

FXU herbal vaporizer is designed in such a way that you can draw air quickly or slowly and in either case you will not cause the herb inside the chamber to combust.
Operating the FXU is as simple as loading the herb chamber and flipping the switch. Once heated, the FXU doesn’t vape herbs unless you inhale, so herbs never get dried out and never go to waste.

Included with each FXU Advanced herbal vaporizer

  • 1 Base and 1 vaporizing chamber that sets in the base
  • Stainless steal vaporizing chamber
  • Screens and cleaning tool

wild berry incenses

Wild Berry Incenses

Wild Berry has perfected their special blend of incenses and currently manufactures over 90 delightful fragrances. Wild Berry Incense is the leading quality incense made in the United States.
Wild Berry uses only the highest quality fragrances and a secret ingredient insures the fragrance stays fresh and smells the same on the stick as it does when it burns.

How long my incense will burn?

  • A stick of incense will burn approximately 1 hour
  • Cones & Shorties™ 30 minutes
  • Biggies™ and Yardsticks 3 hours.

indian incenses

Incense Sticks & Candles & Oils

We carry various brands of incense sticks from India.

  • Nag Champa
  • Om Champa
  • Nitiraj
  • Smoke / Odor Eliminators
  • Wildberry Candles
  • ...various brands of candles


Detox products give a head start to those individuals wishing to rapidly detoxify.

  • Body Cleaners
  • Stat! Products
  • Vale - Perma Clean

Tobacco Pipes

if you love water-pipes and you're ready to invest in a high-quality glass that will be a solid, reliable smoking instrument for years to come

  • VIP Glass
  • Roor Glass
  • Sci-glass
  • MGW Glass
  • Maverick
  • ATX
  • Wicked Waterworks

raw natural rolling paper

Rolling Papers

We carry over 100 different brands of tobacco rolling papers including RAW, Elements, Juicy Jay's and more...

RAW Cones use a water-based gum that takes a long time to dry. After they're rolled, they have to sit for 24hours before they can be stacked and packed. RAW Cones's quality is result of natural and very slow production.

RAW is all about the natural. Other brands use chemical glue which dries almost instantly so their product cones much faster and cheaper.

Pipe Cleaners

Best and fastest cleaners for your glass pipes, water pipes, hookahs and vaporizers.

  • Resinate
  • Formula 710
  • Formula 420
  • Orange Chronic

Hippie  Clothing

Hippie Clothing

We carry various hippie clothing including:

  • Handmade purses
  • Body Oils
  • Hippie Jewellery

Posters and Tapestries

Posters and Tapestries

We carry various hippie clothing including:

  • Wall Fabric
  • Blankets
  • Towels